Dedicated Resource Model (Offsite Engagement)

We assign you the programmers and you work directly with the programmers for 160 hours per man month. The main features of Dedicated Resource Model are as follows:

  • In the Dedicated Resource Model we assign you the Resource(s) and you or your technical team can work directly with the resource (160-170) hours per month (i.e. 4weeks/month).
  • The programmers directly report to you or your technical team and you can ask for daily or weekly status report as per your essay paper writers requirements.
  • You can communicate with them through Skype / Email / Messengers.
  • The programmers can be asked to work directly on your PC/Servers or they can work on a local Computer and commit the work done at the end of each day/week to your repository.
  • You can assign them task preferably on weekly basis and they are supposed to complete the tasks and report to you upon completion of each or group of tasks
  • We will be assigning you a Sr. Technical Lead along with the team as a value added service whose role will be to handle the client communication and cross check the deliveries. The Technical Lead will also assist the resources internally as and when required. The Technical Lead also acts as a single point of contact so as you can discuss all your points which him and his role will be to delegate the tasks internally to the team members and communicate the understanding to them.


  • Technical team will be sending Daily Status Report to the client covering the following points:
  1. What we have achieved today?
  2. What will we be doing tomorrow?
  3. What all problems/issues (if any) we are facing?
  • We can also follow the reporting format suggested by the client
  • If required we will be sending weekly or monthly report.


  • For daily communication we will be sharing all the contact details (email, IM, phone number etc) of the resource involved in the development effort.
  • Conference call will be scheduled with the entire team every fortnight to give the updates and discuss the feedback.
  • An “Account Manager” will be allocated for discussing any project related issues and commercial discussion.
  • Team Matrix: Before the start of the engagement, I will be sharing a detailed team matrix with you with will contain the contact details of all the resource working for you and the details of the Project Manager & Technical Lead.

Onsite Engagement (Contract Staffing)

Futiq is a trusted provider of Contract Staffing services for many large and midsize enterprises, in several industries, across North America, UK, Europe and Middle East. We work closely with each client to align their individual IT resource needs with their project requirements. Our comprehensive screening process ensures that we identify talent that best fits our clients’ needs. Our clients have the option of hiring onsite or offsite developers for long term as well as short periods.

Our client’s seek Contract Staffing services when they are faced with one or more of the following project situations:

  • There is a scarcity of resources for some technology skill sets in your existing team.
  • There is a need for conducting critical and frequent knowledge transfer sessions to the resources which may not be possible if resources are stationed at a remote location.
  • The project team is geographically scattered and bringing it together to a common location is required to keep up with the huge time zone differences.
  • There is high security data involved which you cannot share outside your organization due to government regulations, for instance in banking sector.
  • You are worried about consistency of efforts and employee retention issues during the course of the project.
  • You are worried about the burden of operational and administration costs and at the same time want to mitigate the risk of bad hires.

How does contract staffing work?

  • Client shares the skill set requirements with Futiq along with duration of recruitment and engagement.
  • Futiq conducts a comprehensive screening process to identify talent that best fits clients’ requirements.
  • The resumes of the shortlisted candidates are shared with the client and if need be, the client may interview the candidates via phone/Skype.
  • After finalizing the candidate, Futiq will take care of all the required things like; visa, tickets, accommodation and send resources to work from client location.